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Under the Red Umbrella
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Music & Special Events

May Music Under the Red Umbrella

Friday, June 5 ~ JR. Geezer

Friday, June 12th ~ North End Jazz Quintet ~ Local area jazz band performing Jazz standards.

Friday, June 19th ~ Closing the doors, not to open again...

Friday, June 26th - No Longer In Business

Thank you All for many, many , many enjoyable times and for your patronage over the last 5 years.

It is with great sadness that we make this announcement.

We have been striving to renew a lease with the building owner for two years now without success and have been in negotiations to purchase the building twice, we thought we had agreement both times but owner could not seem to move forward. In addition to this complication the much needed construction project that is underway has taken it's toll on business due to accessibility issues.We can no longer continue as is.
We needed to do up grades to our kitchen to be able to provide the service we desire and our patrons expect, but without support of the owner and a lease in place it is not in our best interest to prolong the frustration.
The building being in a state of disrepair as it is with no reasonable expectation that there will be improvement... we make the extremely difficult choice to say
" Good By Friends " and again...

Thank you All!!!!

Such a Great Experience

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We happily support musicians who play original music and are proud to host original Northwest talent Under the Red Umbrella.